Officina Meccanica Carlassara was founded in 1973, and today after nearly 50 years of experience, we are able to provide complete machining of parts to drawings, including heat treatment and final assembly of assemblies and assemblies, as well as entire machines. Our processing capacity includes:

Multitasking turning and milling up to diameter 1000 x 500 in length and diameter 300 x 1200 in length.
Performed with our three mazak integrex (300 x 1500) and our okuma VTM 1000 vertical lathe.

Flat grinding up to a maximum of 1600 x 600, executable with alpa grinding

Wire cutting with EDM – maximum height 400 mm

CNC turning up to diameter 1000 x 500, or 450 x 1500.
Performed with zanoletti CNC 400 lathe and okuma VTM 1000,
Mazak QT 250 x 1000

CNC milling up to 5-axis 450 x 450 x 250. Executable with Mazak VTC 800 SR

CNC milling and boring, executable with Bragonzi Boring Machine