The frame is an electrowelded steel structure. The gearbox is made of G25 cast iron and is appropriately oversized to ensure continuous operation. The reducer contains all the elements related to transmission, reduction and support of the back pressure of the extrusion screw. Helical tooth gears are hardened and ground. Type A lubrication takes place with splashes of mineral oil. The drive motor is supplied by Siemens and is driven by a Siemens inverter. The cylinder that makes up the plasticizing chamber is made of a special nitride steel with a depth of up to 0.5/0.6 mm and a hardness of 64 HRC. The inner surface is ground. The granule is fed by means of a smooth or ridged nozzle, depending on the material being processed, equipped with water recirculation cooling, length 2D. The chamber is heated by electric heating elements made of mica or ceramic and is divided into several zones, each thermoregulated with temperature probes. Resistor management is done with software (made in Carlassara) to calculate the control PID. The heating phase minimizes waiting time and allows the set point temperature to be reached simultaneously among all operating zones. A stainless steel cover protects against heat dissipation and serves as protection for electrical connections. The cooling of each individual zone is managed by our control software and works with electric fans. The plasticizing screw is made of nitrided special steel with a hardness of 64 HRC in 0.5/0.6 mm depth. The screw profile and compression ratio are designed in relation to the material to be extruded and calculated according to the maximum hourly output required.