Carlassara expands its product range with the construction of plants for the production of sheets and sheets.

The line consists of a single-screw extruder accompanied by a gravimetric feeder and a dehumidifier for better granule plasticization. Then the material is controlled so that there is a constant extrusion by a gear pump, then change filter and flat extrusion head. Here we come to the technological heart of the car: the grille. It consists of three rollers, 300 mm diameter, 500 mm long; there the stretching of the material and its cooling takes place. This is finally followed by a two-roller calendering haul-off and a trimming system that takes the product to its final stage, from here it is then wrapped according to customer requirements.

The strength of the Carlassara plant lies in the management system. In fact, thanks to electronics and software technology, it is possible to have a safe and high-performance plant. Safe because of the countless, now commercially available alarm solutions; as well as the electrical design of software and hardware security systems. Carlassara builds and sells a plant in step with new European regulations on calendering machinery that is safe for the employees who will work on the line. Performing because, thanks to industrial 4.0 innovation, all process data can be recorded for accurate analysis on productions and efficiency gains in the current process.