Officina Meccanica Carlassara S.r.l

The Carlassara company studies, designs and manufactures extrusion equipment, completely following the production process in-house. Our extrusion lines are for: PVC spiral hose, TPU fume suction hose, polyurethane and nylon single-layer penumatic hoses, PVC and PU screened hoses, gardening hoses, small rigid and soft profiles, small PVC-PC-ABS-PS-PP sheets.     In recent years, we have succeeded in consolidating a group of technicians, skilled and knowledgeable, who work to fully meet customer needs and ensure functional technical service.

We have an engineering department with 3D drawing systems, a large fleet of 5-axis CNC machines and advanced CAD/CAM systems for machining and for making all the mechanical components of our lines.

We study and design the electrical part of the plants in-house, making use of specialized electrical/PLC programming technicians, running our own line with SIEMENS digital systems. We can complement the lines with systems to supervise and control the entire extrusion process directly from your office: product traceability, alarm historicization, programming recipe management and more.

Thanks to our technicians, with many years of experience in the plastics industry, our company is able to follow each specific customer request with extreme flexibility and provide the best solutions for each individual case in a very short time.

Therefore, in addition to the standard, our production also offers the possibility of studying and realizing fully customized extrusion lines that can optimize production processes while maintaining very high quality standards
Our lines are made to last!