Carlassara Extrusion Lines from October 19 to 26, 2022 will participate in the K Fair in Dusseldorf. A special time for the technology and business activities of the plastics industry where suppliers, customers and partners, can compare and talk to each other to baste projects to be developed in the following years.

In particular, for Carlassara, it will be an opportunity to show the international market the technological developments and development research carried out in the last three years: this ranges from the creation of entire new lines, for previously commercially unexplored sectors, to marked technological innovation in the field of automation at the end of each of the types of plants it sells.

In this case, it will be able to present to its customers the realization of the first plants aimed at the production of sheets and/or leaves of small thicknesses, in various types of materials. The line consists of several machines and requires good cooperation between partners who specialize in making the extrusion equipment: heads and dies. However, surely the heart of the plant is the stretching and pulling unit, which is achieved by a calendering machine that was redesigned and tested in 2021.

All new projects are designed and developed in-house, thanks to synergies between the mechanical and electrical design departments. As well as thanks to the experience of test engineers who have developed marked problem solving skills over the years and abilities in the fine-tuning turn and performation of new extrusion processes.

Since the company’s reality has at its basis a keen interest in further new projects that are opportunities for positive stimulation and challenge for our human and professional growth, as well as business reflex. It is hoped that the fair can be an important meeting place, for requests for new projects with the customer and their specific needs at the center.